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Franchise Innovation Summit

May 24th, 2016

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Franchising is lagging behind the innovation curve, anchored in legacy systems, long-term agreements and the belief that past success will continue.  The research clearly indicates that franchising must embrace innovation and this workshop will provide attendees with a proven model to identify the gaps in planning, determine the type of innovation needed, and layout a path forward.  Start your year off by getting an innovation strategy plan in place.

– Ben Litalien, CFE

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Be Bold! Take your first big step towards an innovation future that works for you!

Join franchisors, multi-unit franchisees, and other franchise professionals in a full-day innovation summit. Learn how to apply the five most important innovation practices to accelerate your franchise and grow your brand.

Walk away with critical outcomes:

♦ A clear view of your current growth outlook

Learn how to create an inarguable view of your growth outlook. Classify long and short term growth expectations, identify growth gaps, build team consensus on where you are today.

♦ An understanding of which innovation types you need to accelerate growth

Learn the dynamics of the four innovation types. Create examples in your business of each type. Identify which innovation types you have and which you need most for growth.

♦ An understanding of your innovation thinking profile

Understand how you blend critical and creative thinking and which of six advanced problem solving profiles define you best. Embrace your hero tasks in the innovation process, and know which profiles you need to team up with most.

♦ A better approach to advanced problem solving and team building

Understand the importance of cognitive diversity in building your innovation team. Identify your team’s profile gaps and learn how to align your innovation team with the innovation types you need.

♦ Experience with creativity exercises that get you where you need to be – fast

Learn about and expand your ability to use genius-thinking patterns to reinvent your brand.

Spend the day with experts and innovators:


Host and Instructor: Dr. Ben Litalien, CFE – Founder, Franchise Well Consulting & Director, Georgetown Franchise Program

Guest Instructor: Susan Reed– CEO of EdgeDweller, Inc.

Special Lunch Speaker: Catherine Monson, CFE– CEO of FastSigns

Go home with new techniques and frameworks

to reignite yourself, your teams, and your brand!

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Hyatt House

4900 Edwin Lewis Drive

Addison, Texas 75001


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