Susan Reed

CEO, Edge Dweller, Inc.

Susan has helped launch more than 150 product, service, and business model innovations in over 25 different industries for over 125 brands that range from incubators to Fortune 50s. Today she helps organizations stay connected to the future with innovation best practices that are driven by insightful analytics and intentional creativity.

She is passionate about the role intentionality plays in getting innovation to market and has spent the last decade working with cognitively diverse teams and replicating the way people create and think. As a result she has helped executives improve their ability to create original, disruptive, and valid ideas by an average of 240%.

As founder and CEO of EdgeDweller, she opens the door to front-end innovation practices that are powerful, practical and proven. She and her team have helped companies achieve above-average performance in revenues, margin and mission by creating game changing solutions, teaching transformational leadership skills to executives and high potentials, and building innovation capacity at the organizational level.

Her clients have ranged from start-ups to Fortune 50s including Disney, GE, Planet Smoothie, Goodwill, Cox, Wells Fargo, Herman Miller, Trane and many others. Her franchise experience spans multiple industries such as staffing services, real estate, fast food, environmental services, childcare and healthcare.

In the past, Susan has served as guest speaker for audiences that include the U.S. Congress, Small Business Administration, Universities, Women’s Groups, International Innovation Summits and Annual Conferences for a wide range of industries.