Social Franchise Research

Objective:  Identify the most promising opportunities for organization in franchising

Task 1:  Determine the attributes and assets that organization should leverage into a social franchise strategy

·     Creation of organizational value proposition to be used to       attract franchise organizations (i.e. what assets could the       organization best leverage into a competitive advantage with       what types of franchise concepts?)

·     Evaluate the potential benefits for organization within each       relevant franchise category

·     Initial research on relevant franchise organizations within each       target category

·     Determine any obstacles that might affect executing a       franchise agreement with any prospective concepts (i.e.       franchisor not interested, not available in area, etc)

·     Review via conference call the interim recommendations with       organization to gain alignment before moving to Task 2

Results:  Identify three to five franchise concepts that meet the criteria to pursue for a franchise relationship.

Task 2: Research specific franchise concepts from recommendations to determine the best fit

·     Obtain and review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)       for each available recommended franchise

·     Interview 3 – 5 current and 1 – 2 two past franchisees for each       concept identified

·     Develop franchisor profiles including a review of overall       average versus expected start-up costs, and pro-forma       financials for the franchise concept

·     Creation of negotiation strategy for each franchise concept       including recommendations on modifications to specific       business terms in franchise agreement

·     Develop a specific list of organization’s attributes to be       promoted to prospective franchisors to position organization       to obtain franchise rights

Results: Complete analysis of potential franchise concepts for organization to include in Social Franchise Strategy

Task 3: Onsite Meeting with Organizational Team to review findings

·     Facilitate a Social Franchise Assessment Strategy Meeting with       senior staff and other stakeholders at the organization       headquarters

·     Presentation of findings and final recommendations on       concepts to focus on in final report

·     In-depth discussion of the risks and benefits of owning a Social       Franchise in the recommended franchise systems

Results: Determine viability of enacting the Social Franchise Strategy to pursue franchise rights with one or more recommended concepts.

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