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Rhett Linke, CFE

Rhett has over thirty years of experience in the for-profit, not-for-profit, and the franchise business markets. He has held executive positions in all three areas and is a seasoned and experienced professional manager and leader with proven operational experience in multiple company environments. Additionally, Rhett has been an innovator and implementer of new business ideas and concepts and has a strong track record of growth for multiple companies.


Rhett is a strong advocate of business expansion and diversification through the use of proven franchise concepts. He is a life-time student of franchising and has owned and operated a franchise concept in the marketing and business growth area. He purchased and operated a concept sold by Y2Marketing and operated it as a part of his executive consulting practice known as Business Improvement Specialists, LLC (BIS). While operating BIS, Rhett was responsible for growing multiple businesses by utilizing the Y2Marketing proprietary marketing methodologies combined with his background and experience in running multiple businesses. This resulted in the growth and profitability of these businesses under Rhett’s direction and guidance provided to the business owners. Based on this experience combined with independent and classroom study, Rhett prepared for and was awarded the Certified Franchise Executive designation by the International Franchise Association.


Rhett has been involved in the not-for-profit business sector for more than twenty-five years in several capacities. He has operated as the Vice-President of the Montessori School of Oakton, a 501(c)3 company, operating in Oakton, Virginia from 1989 until the present. Additionally, Rhett spent 11 years in multiple executive positions at NISH/SourceAmerica, a national non-profit organizations that assists local (community based) non-profits to create jobs for people with significant disabilities. During his tenure at NISH/SourceAmerica, Rhett held the positions of Director of Business Development (East Region), Executive Director of Strategic Business Development (National Office), and the Executive Director of Commercial Business Development (National Office). Rhett was responsible for the development of multiple new lines of business that created thousands of jobs for people with disabilities. He acted as the thought leader for NISH/SourceAmerica developing and implementing these new lines of business to assist local non-profit organizations in expanding and diversifying their business while creating new and varied job opportunities for people with disabilities. As a part of his role at NISH/SourceAmerica, Rhett was responsible for creating franchise opportunities for the non-profit community that are a part of the NISH/SourceAmerica network. Rhett utilized the power of that network to negotiate favorable franchise terms and conditions for the non-profit organizations and provided access to 18 major franchise brands.


In the for-profit business sector, Rhett spent 25 years in the computer and high-tech industries working for multiple companies in various executive leadership positions and operating with both national and international organizations. Rhett’s experience led him to the position of President and CEO of Federal Computer Services Corporation (FCS) and the Chairman of the Board of Virtualogic, Incorporated, with both organizations owned in a joint venture by Hitachi, Ltd and Electronic Data Systems (EDS). During his ten-year tenure at FCS, Rhett led the company from startup through growth and finally to divestiture. FCS grew to employ over 250 personnel operating in 26 states in both the Commercial and Federal secure and civilian government markets.


Rhett has a wide variety of interests and hobbies that include fly fishing and tying, beekeeping, gardening, shooting sports and aviation. He is an accomplished pilot holding Commercial and Flight and Ground Instructor ratings with both glider and seaplane ratings. Since 2003, Rhett has been a docent at the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum Steven F. Udvar-Hazy facility where he leads tour groups at the museum. Rhett received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic/Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of Houston and his Master’s Degree in Administration from George Washington University. He earned his Certificate of Franchise Management from Georgetown University and received his Certified Franchise Executive designation from the International Franchise Association 2014.