“Your success in life isn’t based on your ability to simply change. It is based on your ability to change faster than your competition, customers and business.” –  Mark Sanborn

Retained Services

Many franchise organizations grow rapidly and can overlook important building blocks in the process. Some organizations may need an outside perspective, information or analysis to support an important decision. Whatever your need for insights and information, we can help you manage the details through a retained services engagement.

FranchiseWell can provide key consultation to franchisors to:

Develop, design and implement systems to effectively support organizational goals

The experts at FranchiseWell have years of real-world experience developing and implementing new systems, and managing organizational changes to make franchise networks perform better.

Our consultants have been involved in every aspect of franchising including: technology, franchise sales, operations management, franchisee relations, product development, international operations, succession planning and much more.

Support supply chain and vendor relations through evaluation and negotiations

A propely-functioning supply chain is critical to the successful operations, consistency and reputation of a franchise system.  

Our consultants can help franchisors improve supply chain performance and franchisee satisfaction through a systematic process of evaluating supply-chain requirements; and by assisting the procurement function in the development of vendor programs, supplier pricing and performance standards, as well as vendor participation in the franchise system.

Provide keen insights on key elements of operations, sales and franchisee relations

Our consultants have served on the executive management teams of leading franchisors and have several decades of combined experience in the daily operations and growth of franchise systems.  Our consultancy interacts with hundreds of franchisors every year through Dr. Litalien’s consultancy as well as his involvement with the Franchise Management program at Georgetown University and our participation on industry panels, IFA and other association committees, and government organizations.

Our experience and ongoing engagements that span the franchise industry provide us with a unique perspective - a massive personal database of franchising best practices, relationships and actual case studies from other franchsisors in similar businesses.

Franchise relations is an area that often reqires an outside perspective.  One that can help reconcile the opposing perspectives of franchisee and franchisor with knowledge, experience and tact. Our support includes assistance with franchisee relations issues that may involve individual franchisees, a group or region, or the entire franchise system.

Determine the missing links in structure, systems and support

Sometimes the obvious is hidden from our view. It may be because of a particular bias or other distractions, but more often it is caused by a lack of focus, information or situational awareness.

Franchising is a complex business model that is constantly evolving on many levels, and a healthy franchise system requires constant review and updating to keep it functioning at its peak. 

FranchiseWell is dedicated to "franchising done well." We strive to support franchisors who are committed to Rising Above the Ordinary and who seek to become leaders in the proper implementation of the ever-changing franchise model.