Project Consulting

FranchiseWell is dedicated to providing strategic support to franchise companies and nonprofit organizations that want to rise above the ordinary and embrace the challenges of a dynamic marketplace.   FranchiseWell also supports those interested in entering the franchise community, whether as a franchisee or launching a new franchise concept.

Strategy development is the cornerstone of our consultancy.   Consulting engagements allow us to apply all of our skills and experience to your business challenges from defining the initial problem, all the way to implementing the final strategy.

The concept is simple; focus on the success factors that are well documented in franchising and avoid the equally documented pitfalls.   FranchiseWell is dedicated to a better type of franchising.   One based on over two decades of experience, more than fifty years of franchise history and an uncommon commitment to a disciplined and focused approach.   FranchiseWell can make the difference no matter what aspect of franchising you are interested in pursuing or improving.

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are a key component of our disciplined approach to strategy development.   Dr. Litalien is a strong believer in taking a systems thinking approach to franchising, which itself is a very complex system of interacting relationships.  

Whenever possible, we seek insights in the existing data and past experiences of our franchising peers to develop new and innovative strategies for the future.

Social (Nonprofit) Franchising

Social Franchising is the application of the franchise model by nonprofit organizations to help solve social challenges.   This typically involves franchise ownership by the nonprofit group for the purposes of a) developing a consistent revenue stream for the organization and, b) providing employment opportunities for disabled or otherwise unemployable adults.

Dr. Litalien is the world’s leading expert in this area, and dedicated his doctoral research, his personal time, and his consultancy to assisting and educating franchisors and potential nonprofit franchisees on the correct approach to nonprofit franchising.  

If you are a nonprofit organization interested or involved in franchising we would love to hear from you and welcome your calls.

Branding and Innovation

There comes a time in every franchise system where innovation and change is required. FranchiseWell’s consultants have extensive experience building recognized national brands and managing existing brands to help move them to the next level.

Branding and innovation are much more than simply marketing exercises.   They place pressures on all parts of a franchise system.  Because of the complicated franchisor/franchisee relationship, implementing and enforcing compliance with change across an entire franchise system is something that requires a more holistic systems approach than typically found in a traditional business environment.

Franchise Development

FranchiseWell’s consultants are all franchise development experts with significant experience in franchise lead generation, sales process development and sales and lead management.

We believe that, all other things being equal, franchise sales is the key determinant of long-term success in franchising.  Success in franchise sales is both an art and a science.  The numbers tell the story and can help predict the future with great accuracy; but informed and empowered leadership can greatly alter the trajectory and the success rate with a disciplined, aggressive and focused strategy.

International Operations

Mr. Ted Price is our international expert with over a decade of experience managing franchise operations in every region of the world.   He holds a Master’s Degree in International Business (MIB) from the University of San Diego and has spent a significant part of his life traveling, working and living abroad.

If you are a franchisor who has existing international operations, or who is thinking of expanding abroad, FranchiseWell can help apply our expertise to your international challenges.   We understand how legal, communications and cultural barriers impact the franchise relationship in different countries, and how the application of technology and proper management can help overcome these obstacles.