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Welcome to the Future of Franchising!


FranchiseWell is dedicated to providing strategic support to franchise companies and nonprofit organizations that want to rise above the ordinary and embrace the challenges of a dynamic marketplace. FranchiseWell also supports those interested in entering the franchise community, whether as a franchisee or launching a new franchise concept. The concept is simple; focus on the success factors that are well documented in franchising and avoid the equally documented pitfalls. FranchiseWell is dedicated to a better type of franchising. One based on over two decades of experience, more than fifty years of franchise history and an uncommon commitment to a disciplined and focused approach. FranchiseWell can make the difference no matter what aspect of franchising you are interested in pursuing or improving.

Led by Dr. Benjamin C. Litalien, the founder and principal of FranchiseWell, he provides clients with unique insights and perspectives on franchising as a franchisor, franchisee, supplier and educator. Ben and his team are committed to excellence in all aspects of franchising, including:


Consultation - on a strategic and exclusive basis we will consider engagements to provide executive consultation on franchise matters

Speaking Engagements - custom Webinars, franchise conventions and meetings, or industry gatherings

Board Membership - representation on a board to provide strategic insight, qualified analysis and executive mentoring


If you are ready for a fresh approach in franchising, contact FranchiseWell today and let us create the right solution. To book Dr. Litalien for a speaking engagement please contact Raeann at Raeann@FranchiseWell.com.

Two Decades of Franchise Experience
  Georgetown University Franchise Program
Strategic Board Memberships
  Executive Consultation
Corporate Franchise Speaking & Training

Phone: (540) 657-1427

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

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